• PC Financial No Fee Chequing Account Review

    Presidents Choice No Fee Daily Banking

    PC Financial is home to arguably the best free no fee daily banking accounts in Canada. The PC Financial No Fee Bank Account is a full service Canadian chequing account that offers Canadians all the features and services they need absolutely free, and with no minimum balances! The PC Financial No Fee Bank Account provides daily banking to clients online, over the phone or in person at a Presidents Choice Financial Pavilion.

    PC Financial No Fee ATM / Bank Machine Deposits and Withdrawals:

    PC Financial is a company owned by Loblaws and CIBC Bank. The best part about this relationship is that PC Financial customers are able to access CIBC ATM's / Bank Machines absolutely free of charge, unlimited times a month for deposits, withdrawals and bill payments. This gives PC Financial clients access to over 3,850 CIBC bank machines across Canada. As long as you stick to CIBC ATM's your never going to pay any transaction fee's. PC Financial clients can still use other Canadian bank machines for withdrawals, but you will have to pay the posted ATM fee from those particular machines.

    PC Financial Free Chequing and Bill Payments and Direct Deposits

    A very unique feature to PC Financial's No Fee Daily Bank Account is the free unlimited chequing. Clients are able to write unlimited amounts of cheques in any given month, and even better, PC Financial will send you all the cheques you need, absolutely free of charge! Bill Payments made via ATM / Bank Machines or online are also unlimited and have no fee's. This includes free Interact direct payments as well. Should you need to set up direct deposit of earning through you employer, this is very easy to set up with PC Financial and is free of charge. In fact, you earn PC Points every time a pay cheque goes into your account

    PC Financial Chequing Account Pays Interest

    When most banks would rather charge you a monthly fee and pay no interest on your chequing account balance, PC Financial actually pays interest on balances. The higher your balance the more interest you earn. Earn up to 0.50% on balances up to $25,000 and up. Thats as good as many banks best savings account interest rate. At PC Financial you earn interest no matter what your chequing account balance is.

    PC Financial Online and Telephone Banking

    Presidents Choice Financial offers their clients a full service online banking website where Canadians can make account transfers, view statements, make bill payments, register money transfers and so much more. The website is extremely easy to use and understand. Clients also have the option to make bill payments, review transactions and receive balance updates over the phone should they prefer that method. And of course, its all free of charge.

    Earn PC Points on all No Fee Account Transactions

    PC Financial clients are part of one of the most rewarding and usable loyalty programs. Customers earn PC Points by simply opening up a PC Financial No Fee Chequing Account, making deposits, spending money at PC / Loblaws stores via your debit card or credit card, keeping a balance in the account and so much more. PC Financial Points can be traded in for Groceries Loblaws and other participating stores, instantly at the check-out! Learn more about PC Points