• PC Financial No Fee Savings Accounts

    Presidents Choice Financial offers Canadians some great no fee savings account options. The PC Financial "Interest Plus" and "Interest First" free savings accounts are the two main options for clients.

    PC Financial Interest Plus Savings Account Review (1.5% Interest $1,000 Min Balance)

    The PC Financial Interest Plus Savings Account has no service or monthly fee's, and requires no mimimum balance. Interest is earned on every dollar, calculated daily and paid to your account monthly. When your daily account balance is over $1,000 you will receive an even more competitive and higher interest rate on your balance. PC Financial pays out a special anniversary bonus to clients every year the account remains open. This amount is based on your average annual balance, with more interest paid the higher your average balance. The anniversary bonus is credited to your account at the end of the calendar year. PC Financial No Fee "Interest Plus" Account holders are able to make unlimited deposits to their savings accounts absolutely free. You also have the ability to transfer funds to and from your savings account to other PC Financial Bank Accounts or Accounts at other financial institutions. Learn more about PC "Interest Plus" Savings Account

    PC Financial Interest First Savings Account Review (0.65% Interest No Min Balance)

    The other Free Savings account option from PC Financial is the "Interest First" savings account. This savings account is a general all purpose savings account for clients who tend not to keep large balances but would still like to earn a competitive interest rate. Clients can set up automatic deposits and transfer to and from this savings account with no fee's. Learn more about PC Financials "Interest First" Savings Account