• ING Direct No Fee Thrive Chequing Account Review: Free Banking for Canadians

    ING Direct No Fee Thrive Chequing Account

    ING Direct Canada has been usually associated with online free savings accounts with high interest. But this year, IND Direct has launched a new product called the ING Direct Thrive Chequing Account. The ING Thrive Chequing Account is an online daily banking chequing account option for Canadians. Canadians can write cheques, deposit and withdrawal from ATM machines, transfer funds and pay bills just like any other Canadian chequing account with no monthly account fee's.

    ING Direct Chequing Account, Bill Payments, Transfers and Direct Deposits

    Canadians who set up a ING Thrive Chequing Account are able to easily set up automatic bill payments, money transfers, write cheques and set up direct deposit of paychecks to their ING Direct chequing account with absolutely no fee's. IND Direct Canada will even send you your first book of cheques free.

    ING Direct Canada No Fee Thrive Chequing ATM Machines

    ING Direct is able to launch this new Thrive Chequing account because they have established a relationship with the Exchange Network of ATMs. You can make deposits and withdrawals free of charge at Bank Machines on the Exchange Network. This includes over 2,000 ATMs across Canada. Most of these ATMs belong to different credit unions and some National Bank machines. Generally you can find one close by no matter where you live.

    ING Direct Canada Interest on Thrive Chequing Account

    One of the best things about the ING Direct No Fee Thrive Chequing account is the high levels of interest it pays its customers. Customers receive higher interest based on the size of your balance. All balances start at 0.25% interest rate and it climbs up to 1.10% interest based on balances of $100K or more. These are the highest rates among all chequing accounts from Canadian banks.

    ING Direct Canada Online Banking Options

    Customers at ING Direct will primarily do their banking transactions online or over the phone. ING clients can do free email money transfers, pay bills and transfer funds absolutely free. You can also place money orders online that will be delivered to your front door. You can pretty much accomplish all of your banking needs through www.ingdirect.ca Should you need to speak to someone in person, this is possible through a ING branch location.