• TD Canada Trust No Fee Savings Account Review

    TD Canada Trust offers a few great savings account options to Canadians. TD Canada Trust has two different types of savings accounts. The TD Everyday Savings account and the TD High Interest Savings Account. Canadians can choose between the low interest all-purpose account that enables lots of transactions in and out. Or take the high interest hands off account where transactions are limited but interest earned is much higher. Like many of the other larger banks, you need a larger balance to earn higher interest.

    TD Every Day Savings Account Review (0.25 - 0.75% Interest)

    The TD Canada Trust Every Day Savings Account is a great option for many Canadians who want to earn interest on savings but not have their money locked up. Clients can transfer money to and from their TD accounts free of charge. This account also includes one free ATM or Debit withdrawal each month. Clients who have less than $10,000 earn interest calculated daily at 0.25% Clients who have balances above $10,000 earn 0.75% interest. The TD Every Day Savings account does not charge a monthly fee. The only fees charged are for transactions above the monthly allowance. For example if you place more than 1 ATM withdrawal or Debit from the account each month.

    TD High Interest Savings Account Review (1.25% Interest Min Balance Required)

    The TD High Interest Savings Account is a decent savings account option for Canadians who want to park their money somewhere and earn a competitive rate of interest. There is no monthly account fee on this account, but you will pay fees should you decide to make debit transactions from this account. But a perk with this account is that if you carry a balance of $25K or greater, transaction fees will be waived so you do get a little more flexibility. Clients must have a minimum balance of $5,000 to earn interest on this savings account. Interest is currently capped at 1.25% no matter what balance you carry above $5K.

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