• CIBC No Fee Savings Accounts Review

    CIBC has a lot of no fee savings account options for Canadians. Each plan is fairly flexible and offers competitive interest on your savings. The interest rate varies depending on the savings account you choose and the balance you keep in your account. Generally the account with the least amount of features such as monthly transactions pays the higher interest rate. Below we have listed and reviewed the savings accounts at CIBC.

    CIBC eAdvantage Savings Account Review (1.35% Interest $5,000 Minimum Balance)

    The CIBC eAdvantage Savings Account is a great savings account option for Canadians. This account pays competitive interest at 1.35% on account balances above $5,000. eAdvantage account holders are able to freely transfer funds to and from their CIBC bank accounts online. There is no monthly fee for this savings account, but you will be charged fee's for making eAdvantage withdrawals through say an ATM or wire. If you looking to park some money somewhere and earn high interest this account is a great option.

    CIBC Bonus Savings Account Review (0.70% Interest $3,000 Minimum Balance)

    The CIBC Bonus Savings Account is a savings account that provides a little bit more flexibility than the eAdvantage Savings Account. Clients need a minimum balance of $3,000 in this account to earn interest at a 0.70% rate. Unlike the eAdvantage account, clients who use the Bonus Savings account are allowed one free ATM withdrawal, outgoing transfer or debit purchase each month. The Bonus Savings Account is a great option to earn some decent interest on your savings while having the flexibility to use the money should you need to do so.

    CIBC Premium Growth Savings Account Review (0.25% Interest No Minimum Balance)

    The CIBC Premium Growth Savings Account is a all purpose savings account that pays interest on all balances. There are no monthly fees on this account but clients will be charged for transactions like ATM withdrawals, Debit Purchases and Wires etc...Charges run at about $1.50 a transaction which is cheaper than the $5 a transaction in the other above accounts but you earn less interest at 0.25%

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