• Best No Fee Savings Accounts for Canadians

    Tangerine Savings Account: 1.20% Base Interest, 2.75% Interest first Six Months

    The Tangerine Savings Account currently offers the highest interest rate on savings among all Canadian banks. Tangerine offers one very simple easy to use savings account that requires no minimum balance, no multi product sign up, and no gimmicks. Just simply the highest interest on every dollar in your account. The Tangerine savings account is a great complimentary account to their no fee daily chequing. Tangerine makes it easy to transfer money online from another Canadian bank to your new Tangerine savings account. Check out our Full Tangerine Savings Account Review

    EQ Bank Savings Account: 2.30% Base Interest

    The EQ Bank Savings Account is easily one of the best savings accounts available to Canadians. EQ Bank or Equitable Bank has been serving the Canadian market for close to four decades but has recently become very popular offering some great savings and investing products. This savings account has no fees, no minimums, and you earn high interest on every dollar in your account. Its easy to make transfers from your existing savings or chequing account at another bank to your new EQ Savings account. check out our Full EQ Savings Account Review

    ScotiaBank Momentum Savings Account: 1.05% Base Interest, 3.20% Interest first Year

    The ScotiaBank Momentum Savings Account is a really good savings account option for Canadians. There are no fees associated with this account and its currently paying interest higher than most GIC's available across the country. The account offers a competitive base interest rate of over 1% but the longer you leave your money in the account you are eligible for bonus interest. Bonus amounts are paid on 90, 180, 270 and 360 days. So even if you do not leave it in the entire year, you are still earning more interest than most other banks are paying. Full ScotiaBank Savings Accounts Review

    RBC High Interest eSavings Account: 1.00% Base Interest, 3.00% Interest for first 3 Months

    The RBC High Interest eSavings Account is one of the best all purpose savings accounts offered by the big banks in Canada. It offers a competitive 1.00% base interest on all balances and has no monthly fees or minimum balances required. And right now RBC is running a pretty good promotion where new depositors will earn 3.00% interest for the first three months if you open an account before July 31st 2019. The RBC eSavings account is a nice add on if you already do banking at RBC as transfers are quick and easy. Full RBC eSavings Account Review

    CIBC eAdvantage Savings Account: 1.05%

    The CIBC eAdvantage Savings Account is one of the better savings accounts offered by Canada's big banks. Its an all purpose account that pays a competitive interest rate on all balances. This account used to have a $5,000 minimum balance but that was recently dropped to keep this account competitive with other savings account offerings across the country. This account like the others listed here has no monthly fees. Check out our Full CIBC eAdvantage Savings Account Review
  • Questrade RRSP & TFSA

    Questrade is a Canadian online brokerage that allows you to manage your own RRSP or TFSA and invest in everything from Stocks to Mutual Funds to Foreign Currency. Register using our link and receive $50 in free trades.