• RBC Canada Free Daily Chequing Accounts Review

    RBC Royal Bank Canada No Fee Chequing Accounts

    RBC Canada not known for being a low fee bank does have a couple free daily chequing account options for their Canadian customers but they do come with a couple conditions. Should customers be enrolled in products such as credit cards, mortgages, lines of credit and other RBC products, they are eligible to have their monthly chequing account fee's waived but only on the two RBC chequing account options listed below.

    RBC Monthly Fee Rebate: Qualifying Product Enrollment

    RBC Customers who obtain two of the following products are able to have their monthly fee's rebated to them on the following chequing accounts. RBC No Limit Banking, RBC Day to Day Banking and RBC No Limit Banking for Students. These products include any RBC Credit Card, Residential Mortgages, RBC Homeline Plan, or an Investment Product such as a Mutual Fund, GIC or Eligible Money Market Fund. Investments that you may hold via RBC Dominion Securities are not eligible for the rebate.

    RBC No Limit Chequing Account $10.95/month (No Monthly Fee's with Multi-Product Rebate)

    The RBC No Limit Daily Chequing Account is one of the best chequing account options for Canadians at RBC. Clients are able to receive unlimited ATM withdrawals at RBC bank machines, make transfers to and from accounts, pay bills and have direct deposit of pay cheques into your account. The monthly fee on this account is $10.95 but with the multi-product enrollment above, you will not be charged this monthly fee. Should you make withdrawals at machines other than RBC ATMs, you will be charged between $1.50-$3.00 Interact Email money transfers cost $1.50, Overdraft protection should you decide to have it will cost $4.00 a month.

    No Limit Chequing Account Main Features
    - Unlimited Debit Transactions
    - Free Monthly Paper Statements
    - Access to Online, Mobile, and telephone Banking
    - charges Apply to Interact e-transfers and International Debit
    -Transfers to Other Personal RBC Accounts are Free

    RBC Day to Day Chequing Account $4.00/month (No Monthly Fee with Multi-Product Rebate)

    The RBC Day to Day Chequing Account is geared towards those that don't use their bank account on a very regular basis. For the $4.00 monthly fee you are afforded 10 free debit transactions as well as access to their online, mobile and telephone banking systems. One additional benefit of this account is that it offers the account holder a paper statement on a monthly basis. This is quite rare these days as most banks charge an extra fee for a paper statement. The account fee can be waived if you qualify through their multi product rebate. You can also qualify to have the account fee waived if you are over the age of 60 and have other RBC products.

    RBC Day to Day Account Features
    - 10 free debit transactions every month
    - Access to online, mobile and telephone banking
    - Free monthly paper statement
    - Transfer between accounts at no charge
    - Pay mortgage and other bills at no charge
    - Additional debit transactions are $1.50 each
    - Interact e-transfers are $1.00 each
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