• TD Canada Trust No Fee Chequing Accounts Reviewed

    TD Canada trust is the largest banking institution in Canada and provides Canadians with the most options when it comes to choosing a daily chequing account. TD Canada Trust offers six different chequing accounts. Two of which are specially designed for Students and youth. Seniors are able to take advantage of monthly account fee rebates if you are 60 or older. Canadians are able to have chequing account monthly fee's waived at TD Canada Trust by maintaining a minimum balance based on the account you choose. TD differentiates their chequing accounts by number of transactions and additional premium benefits. TD Canada Trust offers their customers a great online banking experience that is easy to use and convenient for setting up bill payments, account transfers and so much more. TD also offers a great simple to use mobile banking application that works with all phones.

    TD Canada Trust All-Inclusive Chequing Account Review (No Fee With $5,000 Minimum Balance)

    The TD All-Inclusive Chequing Account is the top of the line bank account offered to TD clients. This account is for people who use their account heavily throughout the month. It includes unlimited transactions, no fee's on non TD ATM machines, free cheques, free safety deposit box and more. It carries a monthly fee of $29.95 but that fee is waived if you carry a monthly balance of $5,000 or more.

    All-Inclusive Chequing Main Features:
    - Unlimited Transactions
    - No Additional Fees on Non-TD ATMs
    - $29.95 Monthly Fee Waived on Balances of $5,000 or more
    - $22.45 Monthly Fee for Seniors (60+)

    All-Inclusive Chequing Additional Benefits
    - Annual Fee Rebate on select TD Credit Cards
    - Free Cert Cheques, Personal Cheques and Money Orders
    - Free Safety Deposit Box
    - Unlimited Interact e-Transfers

    TD Canada Trust Unlimited Chequing Account Review (No Fee With $4,000 Min Balance)

    The TD Unlimited Chequing Account is your general unlimited chequing account that offers free Interact e-Transfers, no additional fees on non-TD ATMs, and comes with a $20 annual fee rebate on select TD Credit Cards. Its essentially a light version of the account listed above, hence the cheaper $15.95 fee that is rebated if you keep a balance of $4,000 or more each month.

    TD Unlimited Chequing Main Features:
    - Unlimited Transactions
    - $15.95 Monthly Fee Rebate on Balances of $4,000 or more
    - $11.95 Monthly Fee for Seniors 60+

    TD Unlimited Chequing Additional Benefits
    - Unlimited Interact e-Transfers
    - $20 Annual Fee Rebate on Select TD Credit Cards

    TD Canada Trust Every Day Chequing Account Review (No Fee With $3,000 Min Balance)

    The TD Every Day Chequing account is geared to customers who don't use their account too heavily month to month. If provides up to 25 transactions per month which is plenty for most, and comes with a affordable 10.95 monthly account fee which is waived if you carry a balance of $3,000 or more.

    TD Every Day Chequing Main Features:
    - 25 Transactions Each Month
    - $10.95 Monthly Fee Waived on Balances of $3,000 or more
    - $8.20 for Seniors 60+

    TD Every Day Chequing Additional Benefits:
    - Unlimited Interact e-Transfers

    TD Minimum Chequing Account Review (No Fee With $2,000 Min Balance)

    The TD Minimum Chequing Account is the most basic account that TD offers its customers. This account offers 12 transactions per month but doesn't come with any additional perks. You pay for things like Interact e-Transfers and additional fees when you use non-TD ATMs. The Monthly fee of $3.95 is waived with a monthly balance of $2,000 or more, and there is no seniors discount on this TD Chequing account.

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