• RBC No Fee Visa Credit Cards for Canadians

    RBC (Royal Bank Canada) like many of Canada's large banks offer a huge variety of Credit Cards. When it comes to No Fee Credit Cards they offer three Visa Cards that also come with some added rewards. The first card is the RBC Rewards Visa Gold, the second is the RBC Esso Visa Card, and the third is the RBC Visa Platinum. All of these cards have a common interest rate of 19.99%, a payment grace period of 21 days, no annual fees and no minimum annual income required for enrollment. The only real difference among these three no fee Visa cards is the rewards and insurance benefits they come with.

    RBC Rewards Visa Gold Review - No Annual Fee Flexible Rewards

    The RBC Rewards Gold Visa Card is a great credit card choice for Canadians looking for a no fee rewards Visa. This card enables users to earn RBC Rewards Points. Card holders earn 1 RBC Rewards Point for every $2 spent on this card. The good thing about RBC Rewards Points is that they are quite flexible. They can be redeemed easily in the RBC Rewards Store where you can cash them in for gift cards, cash back, travel and vacation packages and all sorts of other merchandise including electronics, books, appliances and so much more. As well, customers who use this card to purchase trips and food from selected restaurants or travel companies are eligible to earn even more Rewards Points for those purchases. As stated above this card has a annual interest rate of 19.99%, grace period of 21 days and comes with a minimum credit limit to $1,000. Learn More about RBC Rewards Visa Gold

    RBC Esso Visa Card Review - No Annual Fee Esso Store Rewards

    The RBC Esso Visa Card is a great no fee credit card if your a Canadian who frequents or has an Esso gas station near by. But you do earn Esso Points on all your purchases with this card. You earn additional Esso points when those purchases happen to be at an Esso location. They also throw in some Esso bonus points on your first purchase with this card. Card holders earn 1 Esso Point for every $1 spent with this card and 2 Esso Points for every $1 you spend at participating Esso retail stations. Card holders are also automatically entered into the Esso Extra Membership program. Like the other RBC no fee Visa cards this card has a annual interest rate of 19.99%, no annual fee and a 21 day payment grace period. Learn More about RBC Esso Visa Card

    RBC Visa Platinum Card Review - No Annual Fee Travel Insurance Included

    The RBC Visa Platinum Card is a great Visa card choice for frequent travellers interested in having a high credit limit. RBC Clients can have a credit limit on this card from anywhere between $1,000 and $50,000. Unlike the above two Visa cards, this card instead of having rewards, comes with included free travel insurance. This includes 24/7 emergency travel assistance and guaranteed hotel reservations. These features may come in handy depending on what situation you may find yourself in while traveling for business or pleasure. This card carries a annual interest rate of 19.99%, no annual fee and a payment grace period of 21 days. Learn More about RBC Visa Platinum Card

    Additional RBC Visa Card Services

    Like most cards RBC offers, there are a variety of protections you can add on to any of these no fee Visa cards. These additions include; Auto Rental Loss / Collision Damage Insurance, Travel Accident Insurance, Balance Protection Insurance and Travel HealthProtector insurance. These additional service do come with a fee however.

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