• CIBC No Fee Credit Cards Reviewed

    CIBC Bank offers three choices when it comes to no fee credit cards. All three are no annual fee Visa cards with one offering cash back rewards, and the other two offering different travel protections. CIBC is a little more limited when it comes to Visa Cards. Many other Canadian banks offer a greater variety of no fee Visa cards with regards to rewards or lower interest rates.

    CIBC Dividend Cash Back No Fee Visa Card

    The CIBC Dividend Cash Back Visa Card is one of their more popular and most rewarding Visa cards with no annual fee. The first $1,500 you spend in a year with this card will earn you 0.25% cash back, the next $1,500 you spend will earn you 0.50% cash back, and all other annual purchases you make beyond $3,000 with this card will earn you 1% cash back rewards. Quite simply, the more you use the card the more cash rewards you will receive. This card come with $100,000 in common carrier accident insurance and discounts at selected rental car retailers. The annual interest rate for this card 19.99%. Learn More About CIBC No Fee Dividend Visa Card

    CIBC Platinum No Fee Visa Card (Travel Benefits)

    The CIBC Platinum Visa card is a great Visa card for Canadians who travel and want a larger credit line than they would get from most credit cards. This card comes with maximum credit limit up to $50,000 and includes some decent travel benefits. Up to $500,000 in common carrier insurance and auto rental loss / damage protection. This card also comes with some great free financial tools to help you manage your spending. This card has a 19.99% interest rate and you must have an annual income of at least $35,000 for approval. Learn More About CIBC Platinum Visa Card

    CIBC Classic No Fee Visa Card (Travel Benefits)

    The CIBC Classic Visa Card is the most basic Visa card that CIBC offers to Canadians. This card is similar to the CIBC Platinum Visa Card except that the travel benefits are smaller and its simple to qualify for this card which carries a smaller credit limit. The only special feature this card comes with is $100,000 in common carrier insurance. You also receive a discount on rental cars at participating retailers. The interest rate for the CIBC Classic card is 19.99% annually. Learn More About CIBC Classic No Fee Visa Card

    Additional CIBC Visa Services

    CIBC offers clients some additional budget and financial tools when they sign up for a CIBC Visa card. They also offer additional services at a fee. Extra travel protection, balance protection and more. These can be added to your CIBC no fee Visa card quickly and easily should you choose to add them.
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