• Tangerine No Fee Cash Back Credit Card

    The Tangerine Cash Back Credit Card is taking Canada by storm right now. Tangerine has been aggressively promoting this great no fee Mastercard for the past few months and Canadians have been signing up in droves. Its no surprise given this card is currently offering 4% cash back and a 1.95% balance transfer rate for six months.

    Cash Back 4% Promotional (First three Months) - 2% Standard Rate

    One of the best things about this card is the high level of cash back and you actually get to pick the categories you earn the cash back on. And you can change them as you use the card to maximize your cash back. Customers get to pick three categories ex) Grocery, Home Improvement and Gas and will earn the maximum 2-4% on those purchases. All other purchases will earn 0.5% cash back. There are 10 categories to choose from and mix and match based on your future spending habits.

    Cash Back Categories: (Grocery, Gas, Furniture, Recurring Bill Payments, Home Improvement, Drug Store, Restaurants, Public Transportation, Hotel Motel, and Entertainment,

    Tangerine Mastercard Balance Transfer Promotion 1.95% for first Six Months

    Tangerine is offering a special promotion for new customers where you can transfer the balance from one of your other credit cards to the Tangerine Cash Back card and only be charged 1.95% interest for your first six months. After that period is over the rate will become the standard 19.95%.

    Tangerine Mastercard Advantages

    -Ability to Mix and Match and Adjust Cash Back Categories
    -No Monthly Fee
    -No Minimum Income
    -Cash Back on All Purchases

    Visit Tangerine Cash Back Mastercard
  • Questrade RRSP & TFSA

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